With Peregrine you’re in great hands. We have worked with award-winning local tour guides and porters since 1995.

In fact, we’ve been pioneers for employing local guides for over 20 years, in order to give back to local economies and create jobs. Who better to show you around than someone born and raised in the area, someone with great connections within the community, an understanding of the culture and a passion for their region. 

Our guides know more than just historical dates and who that guy on the statue is. They’ll help you find the best places to eat, point you in the direction of hidden highlights (that you won’t find in a guidebook) and provide you with practical information on etiquette, tipping and speaking the language.

Along with being your ticket to really getting to the heart of the destination, our expertly trained guides are there to make your trip authentic, enjoyable and hassle-free; an adventure to remember.


Meet some of our talented local leaders:

Luis, local guide in Peru

Luis Gonzales - Peru

One of Peregrine’s most devoted guides, Luis loves to show people around what he considers to be one of the greatest places on earth – Peru. Having started out studying as a Dentist, Luis found his calling in tourism before he even had a chance pull his first molar. He started guiding at Machu Picchu, though more than eight years later he now guides Peregrine tours all around Peru - still returning to Machu Picchu (and now having visited it over 800 times!)

You can find Luis guiding many of our tours to Peru

Soon, Peregrine local guide in Thailand

Soon Hombuayai – Thailand

Soon is an award-winning tour guide from Bangkok who has been with us for many years. We continuously receive glowing reports about her warmth and friendliness. The pride she takes in showing people her beloved Thailand speaks for itself.

“Something you shouldn’t miss is the Grand Palace. This is the most beautiful temple in Thailand. And there’s the food! My favourite dish would have to be the papaya salad. People are always surprised at how friendly Thai people are. Everywhere you go you can see people smiling. That’s why we are called the “land of smiles”.’

You can find Soon guiding many of our tours to Thailand.

Serena, local leader in Italy

Serena Chianese, Italy

Serena is one of Peregrine’s most beloved Italian guides. Her bubbly Italian character makes everybody love her, and she takes great pride in her work and her country, helping travellers uncover the true essence of vibrant Italy.

"Travelling makes me feel alive. Sharing my passion with people makes me very happy. Especially when I get to do it in my home country, Italy. There’s nothing better than seeing people happy, than contributing in creating and sharing precious moments together. And this can happen everywhere, in front of a Spritz in Venice or on a boat in Cinque Terre... magic is all around! I am lucky to have this job. I don’t see myself doing anything else."

You can find Serena guiding many of our tours to Italy


In the Arctic & Antarctica

In the Arctic and Antarctica, local leaders are a little hard to come by. Consequently, on our High Arctic and Antarctic voyages we employ experts from around the world. Between them they have made hundreds of polar journeys and bring on board a diversity of interests, from zoology and history to geology, ornithology and ocean sciences. Wherever you travel with Peregrine, you’re in good hands. 

Dutch, leader in Antarctica and The Arctic

Dutch Willmott, Antarctica & The Arctic

Dutch has always loved sailing the seas and exploring the world’s wilderness. Having led well over 70 voyages across both Antarctica and the Arctic, it’s clear he is a polar addict.  ‘My passion is the ocean and this led me to gaining my skipper’s licence in 2002 and working on luxury yachts in Europe. A lot of my working life has been on the water’. In 2011 Dutch led his own two week kayak and camping trip starting and finishing in Ittoqqortoormiit East Greenland. A man with a lust for adventure, Dutch loves to share this polar passion with fellow voyagers. ‘North and South are two of the world’s great destinations - the emptiness, people, history, ice and animals are unbeatable.’

Find Dutch on voyages to the Arctic and Antarctica