Stepping from a Zodiac onto Antarctica’s shore, set eyes on snow-capped mountains, ancient glaciers and revel in the moment of giant contrasts between ocean and ice. Extend this wondrous experience into the night, watching as the sky changes colour and listening to the sounds of scurrying gentoo, adelie and chinstrap penguins preparing to sleep.

How it works

After your evening meal, participants are accompanied to the campsite by members of the expedition team who will set you up for your overnight stay and be on hand throughout the night. The time spent ashore will be around 10 hours, returning for breakfast onboard the following morning.

How to book

Camping is offered on a selection of Antarctic voyages and spaces are limited. We recommend booking ahead to avoid disappointment. All equipment, guides and instructions are provided.

Group capacity and requirements

Camping in Antarctica is limited to 40–60 participants per voyage. Children between 12 and 18 years of age can participate only when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Check the age requirement for your trip at the time of booking.

Clothing and equipment

Participants need to be prepared for Antarctic conditions and wear appropriate clothing: hat, gloves, extra thick socks, windproof, waterproof parka and pants are a necessity. Comfortable tents, insulating mats, warm sleeping bags and portable toilet facilities will be provided, or for the hardy, you can choose to sleep in a bivvy bag. You will be briefed before taking part in the activity.


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