Our picks: Hotspots for 2013

Take a look at two of our favourite, can't-miss destinations for 2013. The hardest part is choosing where you'll go first!

Hidden Europe
Peregrine's Managing Director, Glenyce Johnson, will walk Spain's Camino Trail with her partner in 2013. She's inviting people to join her for part of the walk, giving you chance to spend time with a passionate traveller with a great sense of adventure and humour to match! Here's what she has to say about it: 

"Like any journey, you feel the desire to share it. Our time in Spain in October 2010 reminded us of the great culture in this part of the world. We quite like active holidays so the Camino Trail became the obvious choice.

You end up at the Santiago de Compostela on northwest side of Spain. We’re starting in France, but you can come from Madrid or any part in that whole country really. There’s different routes. We’ll fly into Paris, take a train to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, start walking from there, cross over Pyrenees and then we’re in Spain.

The great thing about a walking trip is you get to drift; you can let your mind just roam free.  And then you get to have all these wonderful conversations with the people you meet…I won’t lie, many of them are about food!

There's a lot of farmland and we'll go through a lot of little villages. I love the chance to be part of village life. We’ll be eating from a lot of pilgrims menus, where we’re staying – which is very basic with bread and the main dish and a bottle of wine. Which could be quite good at night! 

Remote Asia

San Khoo has been with Peregrine since 1995, when he started taking tours in South East Asia. His passion and expertise made him the obvious choice to put together our very first Burma program in 1996. 

He says, "This sudden opening up of Burma right now is amazing. One of the attractions of going to Burma is that you feel like you're going back in time. You see a lot of people wearing the traditional clothing like the longhi and smoking the cheroot, which is the cigar. And that smell is everywhere."

There's this indescribable charm, when you walk down the streets in Burma, particularly in Rangoon. It's got that whole dilapidated, colonial feel where everything is falling apart, but it’s just so appealing.

 In my opinion, there’s no such thing as “the best time to go”. It’ll get busy in future, Cambodia’s the same. We went there in 1996, and you’d go to Angkor and there was nobody there. You had the place to yourself. Now there’s no hope of that, it’s like the Vatican.

I think Burma will get that way with the crowds. You used to visit places like Shwedagon Pagoda and walk along the concourse, and you'd be the only tourist there. Burma’s not going to go away. Burma will change. But I think it’s fantastic for the country. It's inevitable.

You can take the Remote Burma Trek and see parts of Burma you never dreamed possible. Visit hill tribes, search for Burma’s rare and beautiful orchids in the Putao area, summit Mt Phongun and stay in a camp nestled among the Hkan Taut Myit rainforest. 

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