Turkish treasures: Peregrine leader Ergun Akkan

If you want to see the real Turkey, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone better to show it to you than Peregrine leader Ergun Akkan. The leader of seven years loves telling his family and friends about all the interesting people he meets on his trip – and Peregrine travellers love telling their family and friends about Ergun!

How long have you been a Peregrine guide and how did you first get involved with Peregrine?
I have been working for Peregrine since 2007. I first met Ozcan Ecemis, owner of the Dijon Travel company. After meeting Mr. Ecemis, I became part of Peregrine.

What do you love most about your country?
My people, the nature and the history.

Where is your home city and what is your favourite thing to do, eat or see when you are home?
My hometown is Urgup - it’s only 10km away from Goreme. When a trip finishes, if I was at home I would go out to see my family and friends to talk with them about tours and all the new people I met! I also like to relax by cleaning my home and listening to music.

What is the most beautiful place you’ve been to?
In Turkey, it’s between Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale. In the world…I love Australia and Brazil!

Which experience consistently surprises your travellers on the trips you run?
The hot air ballooning in Cappadocia!

If you were to give all travellers one piece of advice, what would it be?
Trust your tour guide.

What do you like most about being a Peregrine leader?
Meeting with lovely people, learning foreign culture and getting to use (and build on) my skills and talents.

Do your travellers try to keep in touch with you after their trip?
Yes, most of them.

Have you ever found yourself and your travellers in potentially dangerous situations that you've had to overcome?
I think, yes. One day one of the guests who hadn’t had enough water during the hot summer days fainted in the public bus on the way of Pamukkale. I had to take the bus to the hospital, and everything was OK in the end.

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