Watch and learn: 4 reasons to take the kids travelling


Although many adults paint travelling with kids as a chore, in reality it’s the complete opposite. As long as you feel confident with taking your children to foreign countries, there is no age they have to be to be ‘ready’ and no limit to where you can travel.

Children are inherently adaptable beings – they’re adventurous, and will always be first in line to try new things, whether it’s the opportunity to ride an elephant, meet the locals or swim with dolphins. They’ll eat for sustenance, and with a little encouragement they’ll try whatever food they’re given.

Travelling is an amazing experience for families, and a learning curve like no other. Children can discover so much when taken outside of their home country, and if you need more encouragement to embark on that trip, here are just a few things travelling will teach your little ones.

Every culture is different, and no one is better than another
Wherever you travel, you will encounter many different people – and if your kids are chatty types you’re sure to make a few fast friends as well! Your children will be able to see that although we all have different ways of life, everyone is still a person, with family, friends and personality – and that there is no ‘normal.’

Trying new things is the bread and butter of life
Children are natural explorers – they learn caution from adults. When children travel they are constantly put in alien situations, and without that whisper of wariness in their ears, they will happily try new foods and do things they’ve never done before. This adventurous spirit is a great thing to carry into adulthood – they’ll never be afraid of the unknown, something which can hold so many people back.

Things won’t always go the way you want, but you can adapt
Regardless of if you’re an adult or child, a ten-hour plane journey is never going to be all fun and games. But kids that travel a lot soon learn how to make the best of undesirable situations. Whether it’s getting through that plane journey by making up stories and games, or surviving a -15C boat ride by dancing around to made-up songs, travelling teaches a glass-half-full attitude.

History, geography, maths and science can be fascinating outside the classroom
Kids pick up so much more information when experiencing places instead of just being told about them. Although they may not get a typical education, learning about volcanoes as you’re hiking up one, using mental maths to convert currency, talking about the history of the Mayan people as you look around a temple, or learning about ecosystems as you trek through a rainforest; it’s a much richer learning experience than just sitting in a classroom.

As a bonus, kids tend to supplement their active learning by searching out extra reading material and delving deeper into museums. They gain a personal affinity with all aspects of the world and their inquisitive nature is supported, so learning is anything other than a chore.

Have you travelled with your children? How do you feel it has benefited them?

About the author:Gavin Harvey is a personal trainer with an insatiable case of wanderlust! He loves to wander off the beaten track and discover those hidden gems that most tourists don’t see. He enjoys sharing his adventures with the children in his life, and blogs for Carrot Rewards in his spare time. You can keep up with his latest adventures by following him on twitter.

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