Once a whaling colony and mining town, Svalbard’s awe-inspiring wildlife has remained unchanged by the region’s storied history.

Described as the ‘Realm of the Polar Bear’, Svalbard is famous for spectacular array of biodiversity – from kittiwakes to bearded seals and reindeer. Cruise on ice-strengthened ships through the archipelago’s stunning fjords, stopping to explore former trapping sites and preparing for wildlife at every turn. Make the most of opportunities to hike mountains on shore and always keep one eye on the lookout for the elusive, and powerful, polar bear.

Our Arctic tours in Norway and Svalbard

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Highlights of Norway and Svalbard

Track polar bears on the Arctic sea ice

Polar bears depend on the sea ice for their survival, meaning the best way to find them is out on the ocean. Join your expedition team on the bridge and try your hand at spotting these elusive creatures with binoculars. Locking eyes with these incredible creatures is a moment you’ll treasure long after the trip has ended. 

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Uncover Svalbard’s whaling history

Svalbard was originally discovered by traders looking for a spice route to Asia, but instead they found the equally lucrative whaling opportunities of the Arctic Ocean. While commercial whaling has long since ended, you can still get up close with this fascinating, and sometimes grim, chapter in Svalbard’s history during a hiking excursion.

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Watch calving glaciers at Lilliehookfjorden

When the sun is shining, cruising across the smooth waters of Lilliehookfjorden feels like gliding across a plate of glass. The surreal landscape is made more memorable by the distinctive thunder and crack of glaciers calving close to the ship. Watch as the ice crashes into the sea, revealing a new sheet of blue ice waiting just behind.

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Excursions and experiences


Each of our tailored itineraries offer what we call ‘Peregrine Moments’. These experiences are shared yet highly personal, reflecting the candid style of our trips. Here are a few moments from a polar expedition to the Canadian Arctic.

  • Cruise through the remarkable west coast of Spitsbergen, a region made up of six national parks, three nature reserves, one geotopical protected area and 15 bird sanctuaries.
  • See polar bears in Phippsoya – a popular hunting ground for the elusive creature.
  • Witness the magnificent Monaco Glacier, another major iceberg producer in the region.
  • Learn about Spitsbergen’s whaling history and how it has turned around as a whale sanctuary with many frequenting the waters.    

The Peregrine difference

Ocean Endeavour

Ocean Endeavour is a comfortable, well-appointed small expedition ship expertly engineered to explore the polar regions. The ship has an ice-strengthened hull, Zodiacs for exploration and remote landings, and advanced navigation equipment. The newly-refurbished vessel is also the only polar expedition ship focused on health and wellness, offering newly-designed health and fitness features like a gym, spa and yoga classes. 

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Each day brings the possibility of new wildlife sightings including thousands of nesting birds such as puffin; land-dwelling caribou and Arctic fox; humpback, minke and fin whales; bearded, harp and ring seals; and, of course, the mighty polar bear.  


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